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After Care

Nails aftercare

Wear gloves when cleaning, washing up and gardening

Wash hands after contact with strong chemicals

Use cuticle oil daily

Avoid long periods in water (washing up, long baths, swimming)

Avoid intense heat (sauna, sun bed, hot bath)

Don’t use your nails as tools

Never pick or peel products

Eyebrow aftercare

Do not get your brows wet for 24hours

Avoid hot temperatures for 24hours(saunas, steam room, sun beds)

Do not use harsh products on eyebrows

Set brows in shape while wet/ moisturised

Moisturise your brows often/ daily

Brush with care

Use water based makeup remover

Lash Aftercare

Don’t get your lashes wet for 24hours

Use oil free makeup removers

Avoid waterproof mascara

Gently brush daily

Clean with gentle shampoo

Avoid high temperatures for 48hours (sauna, hot tub, steam room, sun bed)

Don’t pull or tug at lashes