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Overlay vs Gel polish
There is a few differences between an overlay and a gel polish. An overlay lasts 3-4 weeks as opposed to 2. It’s also slightly thicker as an extra base is applied to add strength and longevity. In all others ways they are practically the same.
Gel Polish vs Shellac
The difference between gel polish and a shellac in most salons is just the name. Shellac in most cases just refers to a gel polish. However, Shellac is a brand name that is typically used to refer to the service or product “Gel Polish” in a similar way Hoovers (although a brand name) is used to refer to vacuum cleaners. Both are 2 week gel polishes. At Kennedy Beauty Studios we don’t use the brand CNC Shellac hence the service is called a Gel Polish.
Does gel polish/ overlays/extensions ruin your nails?
No, a poorly trained/ untrained nail tech or improper removal (e.g acetone removal, picking, bad nail tech) ruins your nails. Nail enhancements protect your nails as they are not exposed to harsh chemicals and other elements.
Do your nails need to breathe or have a break?
No, your nails are dead. They get oxygen and nutrients from your blood. Nail enhancements protect your nails as they are not exposed to harsh chemicals and other elements.
Why is cuticle oil important?
Cuticle oil moisturises your nails. It prevents both your nail and cuticle from being dry and brittle. This prevents breakages and hangnails. It also prevents lifting & peeling. Cuticle oil promotes nail growth and strength as well as protecting against wear and tear. This extends your manicure significantly.
How do I make my manicure last as long as possible?
By following our aftercare guidelines under Menu > About > Aftercare > Nails
Hard gel vs Acrygel vs Acrylic

Hard gel is a thick gel consistency cured under a UV lamp. Gel is softer than acrylic, however, is much less likely to lift and preforms better when exposed to a lot of water.
Acrygel is an exact mix of both gel and acrylic. It’s a dough-like consistency cured under a UV lamp. It has the benefit of no heat spike.
Acrylic is a powder and liquid monomer mix to form a dough-like bead which is cured by air.
At Kennedy Beauty Studios we don’t use acrylic due to the more abrasive preparation and removal process and lack of flexibility in comparison to gel. If gel were a plastic cup then acrylic would be a glass cup. While a glass cup might seem harder, if you drop the glass, it will break, while the plastic cup will be fine.